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I Wanna Feel Sunlight On My Face

I see the dust-cloud disappear without a trace

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Welcome to my corner of the interwebs. :) I post mostly about real life stuff (school, work, etc) and also randomness. I love to take pictures, and post a lot of my photography. U2 rules my world. Craig Ferguson is my hero. I am fascinated by the human body, specifically the brain. I never get tired of reading about and learning about the brain. I love music; I love how you can lose yourself in music and how it can totally change your outlook on the day (at least it does for me). I am a married, college graduate. Drop me a message on my friends only post if you want to be friends. I love to make new friends!

Some facts for newcomers:
My name is Amy.
I live in Colorado.
My husband's name is Jen. No, it's not short for anything. ;)
I have two cats: Angus and Patches
I recently graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Biology, and a Chemistry major, and am working at a medical lab. I'm a proud lab rat.
Everything else is pretty self-explanatory I think. :)

U2. <3 I love The Joshua Tree.
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Craig Ferguson. My love.


A comic of me done by euclase. LOL

Safe Zone.

Want to know more about my obsessions? Visit my FANDOM MEME! Everything you ever wanted to know, and probably more. Very not dial-up friendly. :)

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